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Organizing disaster relief.

A website for each community to manage donations, organize volunteers, and meet the needs of residents.

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AAC Disaster Relief
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Augmentative and Alternative Communication disaster relief for individuals who use AAC and their families
Created November 20, 2023
Adams County Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
West Union, Ohio, United States
This site is to help spread information on disaster preparedness and track volunteer activity
Created June 17, 2024
Albany Oregon Recovers
Albany, Oregon, United States
Site to be activated upon disaster striking Albany Oregon to facilitate matching needs with donations.
Created February 26, 2024
Bridgewater and Aldgate Disaster Recovery Hub
Bridgewater, South Australia, Australia
Pro-actively supporting the Birdgewater and Aldgate communities in South Australia immediately after an emergency
Created June 25, 2024
Charleston Emergency Response and Recovery Centre
Charleston, SA, Australia
Coordinating emergency response and recovery activities for Charleston and surrounds
Created June 13, 2024
Clare and Gilbert Valleys RediCommunities
Clare, South Australia, Australia
A site for sharing information and resources within our communities for emergencies.
Created May 17, 2024
DemoTown Wildfire Recovery Hub
Rachel, Nevada, United States
A place where people can request help, volunteer, and donate in the wake of the 2024 wildfires
Created January 13, 2024
Monterey County Disaster Resilience and Recovery Hub
Monterey, California, United States
MontereyCo.Recovers.org supports organizations and community members during and after disasters
Created September 15, 2023
Test registration of a new site
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Test registration of a new site
Created September 14, 2023
Test Site
New York, New York, United States
This is a demo site
Created September 13, 2023
WCRG Community Response Portal
Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand
A portal to track needs, offers and services available in a disaster event
Created November 29, 2023